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Headstand? What the heck!

When you see a live Headstand (Shirshasana) for the first time, your initial reaction would be generally “what the heck !”. How can one’s head support their weight, right ? I wasn’t feeling any different but something about it- probably its upside down nature- was so irresistible to me. I become interested in things when they are upside down – because there are so many possibilities you can pick from them!

So passage from “No way !” to “I want to try” was  really quick for me. It seemed so powerful as a posture and I kept imagining what it would be like to view the world upside down once in a while feeling lighter than a leaf ! Envisioning postures in yoga is a great help for me to finally master them after regular practise. In yoga, nothing is impossible when you know your mind is powerful enough to get rid of its blocks- the fears! Having said that, pay attention to go slowly and take your time because you can easily hurt your neck with this posture. The key is take strength from your arms and contract your abs to establish your balance.

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I try to practise every day for a few minutes to relax and feel good

There are many health benefits of that posture that would suprise you!  Like any inverted posture , this posture helps your heart by sending the oxygen in the opposite direction of your blood flow and  stimulates “youth” to your cells.You can expect to have a younger skin and remain youthful if you practice it regularly. It also oxygenises your brain providing a great relaxation and changing your mood, creating more positive thoughts and and helping with a better sleep. So it can help to overcome stress and feelings of depression.  Read more

What my big toe taught me about me

Crazy busy time for 2 years of working full time, going to evening school, late hours of work, thesis, running, working out, yoga, moving…Getting close to the final phase, I am so tired . But with the rhythm I am used to ; I am in denial that soon I will  have a lot of free time and can take my time for everything… I don’t know why but I have this feeling of rush with yoga, with work , with my life…  Then I try handstand posture that I have been trying to manage for a long time.

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Love at first sight? Not really


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My relationship with yoga is not a love at first sight. To be honest, like many people, I had this idea that yoga is all about doing “omm, hummm, nummm” voices and as the energetic person that I am, I thought it was too slow for my liking… Read more