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What my big toe taught me about me

Crazy busy time for 2 years of working full time, going to evening school, late hours of work, thesis, running, working out, yoga, moving…Getting close to the final phase, I am so tired . But with the rhythm I am used to ; I am in denial that soon I will  have a lot of free time and can take my time for everything… I don’t know why but I have this feeling of rush with yoga, with work , with my life…  Then I try handstand posture that I have been trying to manage for a long time.

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Love at first sight? Not really


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My relationship with yoga is not a love at first sight. To be honest, like many people, I had this idea that yoga is all about doing “omm, hummm, nummm” voices and as the energetic person that I am, I thought it was too slow for my liking… Read more