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Graduation day for a lifetime learner

Today is a significant day for me because I got my 300 hours Hatha yoga teacher training certificate! It is not an end but only the beginning of a lifetime learning…This month is also important for me as I have started teaching as a volunteer for an association in Paris. Yoga has helped me a lot for my personal evolution and If I could make an impact on others’ lives the same way- even if it is  a very small one , I will be the happiest person in this world ! This was the reason in the first place for having taken this training and things can only get better now ! 🙂


With my prof Eddy Siciliano, Director of Alliance Française de Yoga

I am very thankful for  the support of my great Prof Eddy Siciliano, who is very knowledgable in Yoga, its philosophy and in many more topics . Not only he taught me Yoga but he also has guided me on my personal evolution during the past 9 months. If you live in Parisian region and are looking for a non-commercial, authentic yoga teacher training content, I would fully recommend Eddy’s training. His center, Alliance Française de Yoga, Centre Consenergie, YOGA LUNE ET SOLEIL is based in Choisy-le-Roi. Thank you for everything Eddy!

Pour tout ceux qui sont sur la région Parisienne, si vous cherchez une formation de Prof du Yoga non commerciale et authentique, je vous conseille fortement la formation d’Eddy Siciliano. Son centre de formation , Alliance Française de Yoga, Centre Consénergie- Yoga, YOGA LUNE ET SOLEIL  est basé à Choisy-le-Roi. C’est un super prof qui connaît son metier par cÅ“ur ,( non seulement le Yoga mais aussi sa philosophie y compris son lien avec la mythologie  Indienne) qui est toujours à l’écoute et prêt à apprendre des autres même s’il maîtrise déjà parfaitement son sujet. Je te remercie pour tout Eddy!