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Yoga and Sensuality

In Yoga we meet two important symbols: Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva symbolises consciousness, the masculine principle, whereas Shakti is the feminine principle, the activating power and energy. The left side is the Divine Mother, Pārvatī, the “feminine” energy, and the right side represents Shiva, the “masculine” consciousness.

Shakti, the “energy” represents the maternal element, abundance and creation. In this universe, feminin energy is here to create , nurture, give warmth and security.

Only when Shiva and Shakti get together , they can create action, movement. The energy without  consciousness is “blind” and the consciousness without energy is a “sleeping energy.”

We all have Shiva and Shakti energies in us ,of  the masculine and feminine principles.  And those energies are stored in Root ( Muladhara) and Sacral (Swadhisthana) chakras. This is why when only we balance the energies in those chakras, we are able to awaken our creativity, pleasure and productivity to the fullest.

When we learn to love ourselves, we become more sensual and when we are more sensual, we are more passionate  and there is room for pleasure in life…

On a personal note, since I have practiced yoga, I feel that sensual energy is flowing more freely as I have been able to get that powerful feminine creative energy out and use it to move towards my dreams . That energy is complemented by masculine consciousness giving my goals a meaningful form, direction.

I find those postures quiet useful to bring out the sensual energy :

  1. Cat & Cow
  2. Child Pose
  3. Bridge / Wheel
  4. Downward Facing Dog, Half Dog
  5. Hero & Reclining Hero
  6. Fish Pose
  7. Scorpion
  8. HandStand / HeadStand ( or other inversions)

When (self)love and sensuality co-exist, I believe there is passion for everything in life…

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