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Emotional Reasons Behind Back Pain



They say you are as young as your spine…Having spinal pain could be a great stress factor in one’s life. It is true that most of us deal with back pain time to time as most of the time we live in a sitting position. Sitting ( except from on the ground) is not the best thing for the spine and the hips.

However, in some cases , one may have regular back pain, have been to the doctor, got scanned and nothing ever comes out as a physical reason to their recurring back pain. In that case, the reasons behind the back pain could be emotional.

Most of the time, chronic back pain or a pain over a long time is an alert from your body telling you to understand and control your emotions. I am certainly not an expert but over the years, I have learned to listen to my body and understand my emotions accordingly and I would like to share with you my conclusions. Read more