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Divine Timing

In our everyday lives, we want to “fix” everything and most of the time very quickly…

Our intelligence is so advanced that we focus on “doing” instead of just “being” …

The stress of making things happen exactly in the timing we want makes us forget the beauty of life and appreciate our blessings…

We fix ourselves dreams that will probably never come true, not because they are not good for us but because better ones are around the corner waiting for us. And because we are so focused on the dreams we think are the best for us, our ego prevents us from acknowledging them. And we resist…The more we resist, the more we suffer…

The universe knows the quickest and the most harmonious way to our dreams. And it sends us exactly what we are ready for, at the exact time we need it in our lives…


“I got lost in a dream, asked “why” a million times, and even suffered thinking it was the only dream that would make me fully happy…But I eventually decided to let it go… And a much better dream found me at that very moment bringing other blessings to my life with it. The universe KNEW I was ready to welcome it to my life.

I looked back and felt that I had a great life. I just needed to enjoy better every moment of it without focusing on what might be the best for me.  At that moment, I understood the real meaning of patience. It was not about just waiting but it was actually about being able to enjoy each moment of life while expecting.”

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