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Barcelona, 18122017
Barcelona, 18122017

Life is sooo beautiful! Every moment, every breath is a blessing. Barcelona, 18.12.2017

I feel that I am one of these lucky souls to have gone through important life tests over the years. My conclusion from all the experiences is that you can have great knowledge about anything but without facing the real-life experiences, your wisdom will be limited…We have a great saying in Turkish: “One trouble is much better than a thousand of advice”. Although consciously we think we have learned our lessons and changed; sometimes it takes a bad experience to push us to fully understand and embrace them. In life, nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we must learn. Our suffering is more important when the experiences become a pattern and we have no option but to learn and change.

In my point of view, our souls come into this world to go through a series of tests and graduate from the school of life. The difference between school and life is that at school you learn first and then pass the test wheras life gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards. The experience is the hardest kind of teacher.

Happiness or sadness are both a part of our lives. It is perfectly normal to feel any feeling at any given time. The challenge is to accept life as it is and understand why we are here. Life is very fragile and we just need to focus on its teachings rather than our destination. And only when we understand our soul’s mission that we can become truly happy with ourselves…

On the final note, accept your life as it is, don’t force anything, believe in divine timing and be patient…You can not change your destination but you can change your reaction to the experiences life throws at you…

Life will throw you all the tests back and forth and you will sometimes feel like you have learned nothing and came back to the beginning. But in fact it is only a way to show you how much you have grown. It is the natural course of life to feel that way…And there will be lessons until the very last breath…

When we take life this way, it is much more simple to enjoy every moment, every life experience and see our blessings.




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  1. huining #

    Life must be more beautiful going through tests and lessons! Enjoy every moment 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    February 6, 2018
    • Even though the tests can be challenging sometimes, they always make sense when you look back 🙂


      February 6, 2018
      • huining #

        Yes, either they help you learn or they protect you in some way…


        February 23, 2018

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