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Nature is all about balance… Universe has a divine timing to balance everything that is not in balance. Anything that seems unfair in life will eventually be corrected by the universe.

If you want something so badly but can’t get it whatever you do, maybe the right time has not come yet and there is a lesson to learn from it. By only wanting it more, you create an imbalance in your life in the form of resistance to universe’s divine time.

If you think about any relationship or situation where you give your all but get nothing in return, the universe will do everything either to remove it from your life ( sometimes until it gets balanced) or correct it by pushing you or the other to change.


“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen” A. Huffington

Life is all about finding the balance between what we can control and what we can not. So , if you are feeling stuck in your life like nothing is ever happening, maybe it is a message for you to work on finding your center and balance in the first place. While doing so, don’t think about the time, time is relative and works differently for each soul. Take your time, go slow if you need to…

Like I did in the video while practising eight angle pose. It is real fun to go slow , find your center and feel the magic of balance. While doing so, you will shake, almost fall but will eventually gain all the strength you may need…Enjoy the road to finding your balance in your soul’s very unique timing 🙂


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