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Happy New You!


Happy New Year , Happy New You! May 2017 bring you the opportunities to discover the “New You” to start fresh and begin new chapter in your life…Sometimes in our lives , we feel that the “Karma has been released” and it is not going to repeat itself because we have learned our lessons and the “change” is there. However hard and complicated the change is , sometimes we need to leave the past behind to  start fresh.

In a person’s lifetime , they say that we change or “are forced to change” every 6-7 years. Moreover, we reap what we sow every 7 years. So before something good comes, we may suffer or feel the pressure of life, like in the process of a birth which is painful. If we resist to change, life brings us distruptions to break the resistance. I believe that there is a “rebirth” age for most of us in a lifetime, the time when we finally resolve our subconscious mind and move on…

As for our world that is going through a tough time with a lot of violence, I only wish for peace in 2017. Our world is going through a cycle of violence and ego and this is why there is so much suffering today. This will eventually change and the peace will be restored but I think we still have time as humanity  until we become more conscious and aware of the importance of  the peace, love and the balance.


No Regrets in Life, just lessons learned

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