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Emotional Reasons Behind Back Pain



They say you are as young as your spine…Having spinal pain could be a great stress factor in one’s life. It is true that most of us deal with back pain time to time as most of the time we live in a sitting position. Sitting ( except from on the ground) is not the best thing for the spine and the hips.

However, in some cases , one may have regular back pain, have been to the doctor, got scanned and nothing ever comes out as a physical reason to their recurring back pain. In that case, the reasons behind the back pain could be emotional.

Most of the time, chronic back pain or a pain over a long time is an alert from your body telling you to understand and control your emotions. I am certainly not an expert but over the years, I have learned to listen to my body and understand my emotions accordingly and I would like to share with you my conclusions.

You have chronic back pain with no apparent physical reason. If yes, please ask yourself the questions below : 

  1. Are you going through dramatic changes in your life and having difficulties to cope with these changes ? Root chakra represents the buttom of your spine and your lower back , it also represents who you are and your position in this universe. When we go through dramatic changes, we generally question our identity and in some cases , we feel lost . This is why our root chakra may be blocked and we may feel the reflection on our backs. During transition periods in life or when life is pushing us to change or become more mature, we can feel it in our back or bones.
  2. Do you feel threatened and unsafe in your environment and feel the need to “protect” yourself ? (Do you feel lack of trust in your significant other, in your work environment ,feel unsafe in a country ?..etc) . Your back could be trying to protect you by making you staying at home , isolating you from the people and the environment that make you feel insecure or exposed to danger. In some cases , when you meet someone that you don’t trust subconsciously, you may have a sudden back pain.
  3. Do you feel lack of stability in your life ? ( most probably due to the dramatic changes you are going through )
  4. Do you lack money, comfort and are you feeling financially challenged ?
  5. Do you feel “unloved” , isolated or lack of touch in your life ?
  6. Do you not love your job or work place ? 
  7. Are you feeling alone to take on too much on your shoulders? ( at work and/or in your personal life)
  8. Are you being challenged to face your past and confront some unfinished business from your past? (Your back generally represents your past.)
  9. Do you want to change your life or a certain area in your life but feel blocked, constraint, stuck or paralyzed to take an action ? 

If you answered yes to one or more questions above, your backpain is probably due to emotional reasons. So what should you do? My first advise for you would be to accept and love your back pain. I know it may sound strange to like some pain that makes your life a hell but believe me the more you will hate it , the more it will remind you of itself .

Now that you have accepted your pain , you will not let it win over your life. When you have pain, you may have tendancy to lie in your bed and have a rest. However, the more you isolate yourself from life by having a rest, the more powerful your pain will become. And each time, to “protect yourself”, you will isolate yourself more and consequently, you will have more pain. It is like a vicious circle. So what you should do is to continue to move and face life with its challenges all by accepting your pain. By moving, you will see in time that you will get out of the fear and the pain. Keep in mind that focusig too much on pain and putting yourself in protection mode, will only make the pain stronger. Also, when were in a negative state of mind, we feel physical pain stronger so try to focus your energy on the positive.

And my second advise would be to  meditate to deal with these emotions and practice some yoga postures that will help you to restore the strength in your back and let the energies flow freely and balance your root chakra. Here below I have listed some of the most effective poses for back pain.

  1.  Uddiyana Bandha – Upward Abdominal Lock ( Kriya – Purification move) 

Inhale, exhale and slide your hands on your knees, block your breath, round your back , count a few seconds. Inhale, exhale and relax.


    2. Cat-Cow Pose 

Exhale round your upper back, inhale and slowly open your chest through your low back, middle back and upper back

   3. Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana


  4. Low Lunge Both Sides – Ashva Sanchalanasana


 5. Half Moon & Standing Half Forward Bend

6. Wind Freeing Pose – Pavantmuktasana ( one of the best for the back ! )


7. Supported Plow – Halasana 


8. Half Cobra – Ardha Buhujangasana


 9. Grasshopper left & right and both legs

 10. Rabbit Pose – Shashankasana


 11. Standing Forward pose with knees bent and straight

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