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10 Reasons Why You Know Yoga has Changed Your Life Forever

It is unavoidable…Soon after you are hooked on Yoga, you will realize that you are no longer the same person you used to be…You will not enjoy the same things in life like you used to because they will be replaced by more meaningful elements of life. The more you let the energies flow, the more connected you will become with the universe. And you will eventually find who you really are and your place in this life. In addition to feeling more relaxed and less stressed, your yoga practise will bring some important changes to your lifestyle. There is definitely more but I have listed some of them:

1.In the middle of the day, especially when you are stressed , you will dream of being on your mat


Thank God, I am here

2.You will start to sense the people and animals by their souls and not their appearances. You will become more sensitive to animals and their feelings. It is no coincidence that most people become vegetarian shortly after they start doing yoga ( like myself) !


I love you too Oscar !

3. You will appreciate more the time you spend in nature and with the loved ones. You will do everything to escape big cities, crowd, noise… Hearing simply the sound of a bird will make you feel lucky and cheerful.


4.You will find a good balance between the time  to be “with you” and with others…Your alone time will be valuable to meditate and understand your conscience and you will not want to ruin it with  disturbing people. If you were afraid to be alone before, you will learn to enjoy yourself doing things alone like travelling, discovering things…etc after yoga comes into your life. Read more