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SLOW DOWN: Fasting the “fast”

We live in an age where everything moves fast. Everything we are doing on a daily basis is fast . “I  have to get up quick, get dressed, run for the next bus or the metro, do the job quick, eat fast (and most of the time fast food)  go back home fast, exercise quickly…” It is like everything is a case of urgency, especially if you live in a big city, as if everything in life is a task to be completed !  FAST FAST FAST . The word is very well sticked to the back of our heads  that it eventually reflects on our relationships , our live styles. Have you ever stopped and thought  if you are living a meaningful life , the one that you really want to live and moreover,are you even enjoying  it ?

They say “HASTE MAKES WASTE”. In these modern times, are we living the life of a big waste to eventually wake up one day and realize our regret of  having done things in a haste,the things  we actually never wanted? Have you ever wondered how our ego can manipulate us into thinking  we do certain things to be validated by the society and to look normal ? While doing this, where does our happiness go ?

For me, except from our health, nothing is that important or urgent in this life. Yogis count a life of a man by the number of breaths and not by the number of years. If you breath slowly, you will be in good health and live a long life. But in the lifestyle we are currently possessed by,  our breaths are too fast and we don’t even have the time for the basic source of our lives !

Coming from the bad quality of our breaths , I have decided to fast the “fast”,so yes ,in a sense, F’ing the F  for 2 months from now ! I am S’Loving down .I will free myself from the stress of the fast by going slowly and just connecting to my inner self , including the way I am breathing. I will be taking snail steps, or  a turtle’s  and yoga will contribute to it greatly.

Here is your guide to fasting the “fast” :


Leave me alone yo’ all! I can’t hear you anyway

So I start in headstand pose  on the sand. This is my reaction to toxic people and their  s… I protect my mental health by burying  my head in the sand so that I don’t get exposed to their negativity and this time in an upside down position.  I do a soul searching when my head is above and little inside the sand . Oh btw , here is a simple definition of a toxic person based on my own life experience : The person who makes you feel like s…  after you spend  time with them ( no limit of time here , could be one minute or hours to feel  energy sucked out of your veins ).For them,  you are only a tool  to escape from their inner negativity or in some cases, you  only exist  to become their self-esteem. In that posture, I resist,  I am connected to myself only, and I am  inside my head .

Or simply , I am enjoying my Sunday morning reading when I am upside down ,so focused and read each word in my book or newspaper without worrying that I have to finish the book fast cause I DO actually have time to enjoy it  ! and my background song is Easy by Faith No More. Here are the lyrics to the song, does it make sense?

Ooh that’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning
That’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning!

Why in the world would anybody put chains on me?
I’ve paid my dues to make it
Everybody wants me to be
What they want me to be
I’m not happy when I try to fake it! no!


I am sitting in half lotus pose, time has stopped and more importantly, I am breathing again longer than ever!



I start to stretch nice and sloww!


Feels so good that I could sleep in that pose !


I move to the caterpillar pose, as slow as one of them!


Moving to turtle pose, still soooo slow !


1 2 3 Hoppp!! Moving to plow pose !!


easy plow


I am there! Snail pose, I get to take snail steps

Here it is , I am taking snail steps , slowing down, loving myself even more cause I care enough for myself to breath slowly!



It actually feels great to live in slow motion!


I finish in Diamond pose

What comes out of this first S’loving down experience ? I am sitting in Diamond Pose, so  I assume the experience of soul searching , confronting the real me and consequently I  shine like a diamond 🙂

Are we done ? Certainly not ! Take these snail steps to make an assessment of your life, what do you want to get rid of and what do you want to keep in your life  to be happy ? Who is the real you once the obligatory masks designed by the system are taken off ?  and what life lessons  the people in your life have  wanted  to teach you ?

This is the best  way to move forward in life without having to rush and to take an action forward during this introspection period and if you are in, you are very courageous , congrats !!

To be continued…In the mean time, stay with peace, love and yoga…


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  1. “The power of Now” is essential to live aware ; the way you practice Yoga is exactly the sense of that, congrats Nese !

    Liked by 1 person

    April 24, 2016

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