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Saluting the sun!

After months of grey weather and rain, we finally have some sunshine and breeze in Paris and this is definitely something to salute! Paris looks much more beautiful with the sunshine and life is more beautiful when you wake up to the beautiful energizing sunshine…

The sun is the primary source of life and energy for this planet. It has represented Power, Strength, Energy, Force, Clarity, consciousness, self illumination and growth in many different cultures. Without the Sun, there will be no life on Earth. The sun exists in everything we eat, drink and  breathe. It is no wonder that when one is in tune with the cycles of the sun, they have the energy, health, well-being, vitality, and longevity.

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) in Yoga is practiced to tune our energy with the cycle of the sun to achieve all the health benefits.

One sequence of Sun Salutation consists of 12 yoga postures ideally done in the morning. If you are a beginner in Yoga, it is a great way to start through regular 10 minutes practice that you can increase in time.

Sun Salutation 12 Poses

You can repeat this sequence as many times as you want without forcing your body.

Download the postures : Sun Salutation 12 Poses

If you practice it fast, it is a great way to burn calories and you can definitely replace your cardio exercise with a regular Sun Salutation. If you practice it slowly, it helps to tone the muscles and to meditate you. You can also start your Yoga practice with a few Sun Salutation sequences to get prepared for the postures. I do it 12 times (12 postures x 12 repetition) before or following an intense Yoga training and have a rest with the corps pose in the end to feel energized for the rest of the day. Depending on your level and the condition of your body, you can set your own repetition number by paying attention to not to force your body. Please keep in mind that your body is the best guide to warn you about your limits and tell you when you should stop!


A regular Sun Salutation rewards you with the following health benefits:

  1. Increases heart rate and helps to burn calories and lose weight or get into shape without doing any harm to the body.
  2. Stimulates all the chakras and helps to remove the energy blocks caused by stress or anxiety so helps to overcome depression and negative thoughts.
  3. Strengthens the heart, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs thighs, knees, ankles, stomach, abdomen, intestines, puts in order the function of most of the vital internal organs.
  4. Helps to prevent constipation by regulating the digestive system,
  5. Improves the blood circulation, ( which is a primary condition to good he alth)
  6. Helps to improve menstruation disorders for women.
  7. Develops your immune system and resistance to flu, disease,
  8. You will feel energized, dynamic, vibrant, relaxed, stress free and mentally balanced as it also improves the nerve system.


Sun Salutation Chakras

Sun Salutation is a simple and health rewarding way to honor the Sun, the “cosmic power” of our world through building of a dimension within you where your physical cycles become in sync with the sun’s cycles…

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