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Love at first sight? Not really


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My relationship with yoga is not a love at first sight. To be honest, like many people, I had this idea that yoga is all about doing “omm, hummm, nummm” voices and as the energetic person that I am, I thought it was too slow for my liking… Until I went through that turbulent time in my life, that significant time when I was looking for the end of the tunnel. I wasn’t feeling physically well and it was the first time in my entire life. Life is all about ups and downs but when you are feeling lost in the direction you want to take, you get to that point where I got at that time. I don’t remember exactly how but I decided to give yoga another chance and this time, I enjoyed it. Following the first two months, I got rid of my chronic back pain. All the sudden, I became a vegetarian as I was becoming more sensible about other creatures. Then I started to read many books on its philosophy, chakras and spirituality associated with it. Each day, I was feeling better and better and yoga became my freedom, my love, and finally my passion to the extent that soon I will be teaching it!

Yoga practise is a great combination of strength, stretching, flexibility, meditation, balance, relaxing and breathing that has a great impact on your energy. Everything in life consists of energy. So for me, yoga is the ultimate answer to all the questions.

With yoga, I have learnt to listen to my body, to feel every part of it without judgment and understand my thoughts, my inner strength, and my place in this world…Then there are those moments during the day when I am dreaming of going back to my mat stretching, doing downward-facing dog , headstand, cat ,cow… Just trying to imagine that great feeling I have every time I finish my practice. Yoga has given me the courage and that powerful energy to realise my dreams.

However, I have to mention, it will not be the immediate “la vie en rose” sensation like you are looking through rose tinted glasses or your life is perfect once you start doing yoga. This is a long journey. There will be those times when you will feel sad, emotional, even angry or see tears drop for no reason you are aware of. Don’t fear of it, it is a good sign. Because everything you suppressed in the past is coming to the surface for a better consciousness and eventually for a healing.

This is the summary of the beginning of my story.  Convinced? Give yoga a chance today, just do it!

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